Floating On A Sphere

by Deepakalypse

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released July 8, 2016



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Deepakalypse Los Angeles, California

Deepakalypse is a los angeles based multi instrumentalist singer and songwriter. This floating on the sphere album is comprised from my first two albums kamikaze collective and magnetic love. I also have a side project entitled pink moment. you can checkem out on soundcloud. If you want me to play your town please drop me a line at deepakalypse6@icloud.com ... more

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Track Name: A to B
Ive seen by best friend drown in the puddles on the ground now it wasnt deep but I dont doubt that it had put his fire out so Im picking up the tool with my two hands but I became another barely making it man goddamn Im sinking in quick sand you know Ill take my last breath and say I understand but there aint much I see but your college degree you only go from point a to b , you got lost inside with your shallow eyes of some gated community , and at the office space they could replace your face you got tied up like a shoe lace . Empty gas tanks and full ash trays are gonna remind me of these days. My body falls to this beat box hope its all I need cause its all I got, and everybodys racing to be that rat but I know Im a bigger ant than that, I couldnt care anymore about the world and its open soar
Track Name: Drummers
Ive seen all the drummers standing in a line
I have seen this coming for a very long time
the day we take our leaders by they're ties
gonna takem to the street cause they're gonna get beat
like so many families under their feet
they're not in control but they'll be playing that role
cause they're decrepit dads and they're dads dead friends
have been diggin a depression to put us all in
its the business man its the american scam
its the church and the steeple
lots of gullable people
but we all born to the same one under one sun
cant follow a leader gotta find your freedom better cut and run
as the bottom and the middle try to push and shove and buy true love
through materialism but my spirit and soul its higher above
Track Name: Caught
we got born into the scam where people trade time for a stack of dimes
and we bought into scam where people make money for a man names sam
but this sam is made up of a lot of men who push lives around witha ballpoint pen
they put a bullet in the barrel and they shot you down , they put your body ina barrel and they rolled you down the steepest hill in town , slow down
you think your so brave for believing a bluff its like comedy with your wrist in cufffs think your such the right man your only made of skiin but history repeats again you got caught in the eye
caught in the eye of the hurricane its the safest place you cant complain
its the safest place you cant explain
Track Name: Floating On A Sphere
pretend you're floating on a sphere but you do not know why youre there
you dont know why youre here
would it make you smile from ear to ear or scare you so bad it would yank your tears cause it yanks my tears now
but it make s me laugh and makes me run my cars engine from dusk till dawn , lying there in the morning sun saying holy shit its really goin on and dont you know that when it comes to you youre right beside me too
well yes Ive heard but I cant believe some people need water more than I need weed. I cant believe it, and yes I heard and I perceive that I know all the people through six degrees , just six degrees
oh whats ahuman its sucha scandal , half alien ,half animal , I guess were a little of both but I like the animal most
dont you know that when it comes to you i like the animal side of youtoo
from the top of the ocean , to the bottom of a lake , from the mouth of the river comes the earthquake, better tap into emotion and follow insticts cause the world is much smaller than you think;